Neil Dhillon: A Great Honor

Neil Dhillon is a leading figure in the Indian American community in the United States. It is a position he has arrived at through hard work and dedication. Neil Dhillon has many years of experience in the public and private sectors, which include several years in the Department of Transportation under President Bill Clinton.

Neil Dhillon says it was a great honor to have been named to that post. He was recognized by President Clinton as one of his top Asian-American political appointees in 1993, and was given this honor during a White House Ceremony. Neil Dhillon served the administration until 1994 and was honored to have had the opportunity to work for the most powerful person in the world. Prior to his time at the Transportation Department, he was Chief of Staff to California Congressman Bob Matsui. Neil Dhillon enjoyed the chance to take on the responsibilities of a political appointee and public servant.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Since leaving government service, Neil Dhillon been the Senior Vice President at the consulting firm Hill & Knowlton. During his tenure there he led the business to be named “Agency of the Year” for six years in a row. Neil Dhillon has also been the U.S. Director of Public Affairs at Financial Dynamics, the Managing Director at Ruder Finn as a top public affairs counselor and lobbyist, and the Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Government Relations at the MSL group, where he worked from 2008 until 2013.

Neil Dhillon is currently working in Strategic Communications and Government Relations at NA Consulting Services.


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