Neil Dhillon: A Recognized Leader

Neil Dhillon is a recognized leader in the Indian American community, best known for his service in two high-profile and notable positions. As the Chief of Staff for California Congressman Bob Matsui, Neil Dhillon provided superlative communications, scheduling and staff management for a high-profile public representative. And as the the hand-picked appointee to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Neil Dhillon was honored as a top Asian American appointee at a White House ceremony.

Neil Dhillon has many years of experience in government relations, strategic communications, and advocacy in the nation’s capital. He is known for his ability to solve complex legislative and regulatory issues, and to devise and execute strategic and corporate communications programs. Neil Dhillon understands how important public service can be to the function of an effective and representative democracy. Neil Dhillon hopes to serve as an example of service and dedication to those aspiring to make a difference for their fellow Americans.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon realizes that while many people today are jaded or cynical about the gritty realities of politic life, there are also many good people in Washington who provide valuable public service and are committed to working for the American electorate. Neil Dhillon was a dedicated public servant who genuinely cared about providing the public with service that produced real results for real people. He understands that one committed person really can make a difference in Washington D.C.

Neil Dhillon uses what he has learned during his time in the public sector to provide expert consulting and strategic communications services to high profile clients. He is devoted to using his skills and experience to the service of influential people and organizations. Neil Dhillon provides a voice to those seeking to be heard in the Beltway.


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