Neil Dhillon: An Indispensable Asset

Neil Dhillon is a Washington, DC-based communications specialist who draws on his years of experience in politics to be an indispensable asset to many professional consulting, communications and lobbying firms throughout the Washington D.C. area.

Neil Dhillon has extensive experience in public affairs and communications. As a former Congressional Chief of Staff to California Democrat Bob Matsui, and as a former Department of Transportation political appointee, Neil Dhillon has an insider’s understanding of how to cultivate and sustain relationships in Washington D.C. He has used his public sector experience to serve several high-profile D.C.-based lobbying and consulting firms, including Hill & Knowlton, Financial Dynamics, Ruder Finn and the MSL Group.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Time and again, Neil Dhillon has demonstrated expert management and public affairs skills, and has served many high-profile clients with superior communications and professional consulting service. Some of the high-profile corporate clients he has worked with include the Ford Motor Company, British Midland Airways, Riddell Helmet Manufacturing, Encore Capital Group, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Boeing, eBay, and Hewlett Packard.

Neil Dhillon has also provided services to foreign governments and dignitaries, including the Republic of Botswana and the Government of Cayman Islands. He is considered by many to be one of the top public affairs experts in his field. Neil Dhillon continues to impress his colleagues and his clients with unparalleled expertise and client-focused commitment.

Neil Dhillon has been working in private sector public affairs since 1998. He enjoys what he does because it allows him to build professional networks and strong and lasting professional relationships with his clients. He currently works for NA Consulting Services.


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