Neil Dhillon: Valuable Public Sector Experience

Neil Dhillon spent more than five years serving United States Congressman Bob Matsui, and served in the U.S. Department of Transportation during the early years of the Clinton Administration. Neil Dhillon has accumulated valuable public sector experience and insight that has provided him the opportunity to become a talented and powerful private sector professional.

Neil Dhillon earned a degree in Political Science from The American University of Washington, DC, and is an expert in Government relations. He helps build bridges of communication and professional connection between high-profile corporate clients and government representatives. Neil Dhillon is able to capitalize on his prior experience to strengthen bonds between influential members of both the public and the private sectors, allowing professional organizations the opportunity to effectively voice their opinions, concerns and interests.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

As a top Washington lobbyist, Neil Dhillon is a facilitator skilled at making things happen. He can provide the venue and the opportunity for his clients’ voices to be heard. Neil Dhillon cares about giving his clients the opportunity to succeed in what is a bruising, take-no-prisoners political climate. He enjoys using his talents for communication and organization to give clients what they need.

Neil Dhillon is proud to be a leading figure in the Indian American community. He is currently working as a Strategic Communications and Government Relations professional for NA Consulting Services. He brings an impressive and extensive resume with him. Neil Dhillon hopes to thrive in his recently obtained position with the respected consulting firm, and to quickly establish himself as a top NA professional.


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