Neil Dhillon On The World of Lobbying

One of the main focuses that has been a feature of the remarkable career of Neil Dhillon has been his work as a lobbyist. Neil Dhillon is a widely recognized for outstanding commitment to his duties across numerous areas of his expertise.

Neil Dhillon is a professional who has created a track-record of outstanding accomplishments in the areas of strategic communications as well as global public affairs, strategic communications, government relations, issues management, crisis communications, and other areas. Neil Dhillon has vast experience in the realm of legislative and regulatory issues and has devised a number of corporate communication programs.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon is a former Chief of Staff for former U.S. congressman Bob Melsui(D-CA).

Neil Dhillon also has extensive knowledge in the world of lobbying. Neil Dhillon draws from significant experience in lobbying and is very well-versed in health, education, financial services, energy and environment. Neil Dhillon has made a commitment to serving the firms that he’s been involved with professionally with great care and dedication. Currently, Neil Dhillon is the Senior Vice President of NA Consulting Services. At NA Consulting Services, Neil Dhillon works diligently in providing his leadership, expertise and skills to the organization.

Some of the most important aspects of his Neil Dhillon’s work are cornering the improvement of others’ lives through advocacy and lobbying.

Neil Dhillon is a dedicated supporter of underserved communities and as a believer in always doing what he can to help those in need. Whether homelessindividuals or those suffering from afflictions that are different in nature, Neil Dhillon has led of supporting good causes.


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