Neil Dhillon: Understanding The Media

From more than 10 years, Neil Dhillon has provided his extensive experience and expertise in the area of public affairs, public relations and a variety of others areas to support individuals, organizations, and entities that are dedicated to doing good in the lives of people.

Some of the work from Neil Dhillon has been involved with includes the service he gave to the Transportation Department. During his time as Chief of Staff to California Congressman Bob Matsui, Neil Dhillon was highly resourceful in taking on responsibilities for a political appointee and public servant.

Having served with great distinction as the in government, Neil Dhillon is now the Senior Vice President of the NA Consulting Services. Prior to his position at NA Consulting Services, Neil Dhillon worked as the Managing Director & Senior Vice President of Government and Strategic Communications.

A wide-range of services are offered at the firm of NA Consulting Services, including Public Relations and Events.

The world of media is very expansive and has reach into the lives of billions of people. While much of today’s media has become fragmented between television, internet, and traditional paper media, there are several reasons why media still has a central role in the work ofnumerous organizations including political organizations, says Neil Dhillon.

Neil Dhillon says that those interested in the media realm as a career should explore the various educational programs offered at colleges and universities that emphasis on media and communications. The media industry is very vast and there are many opportunities available for those interested in the field, summarizes Neil Dhillon.


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