Tips for Better Communication

Neil Dhillon is an experienced and skilled communicator, and has enjoyed the opportunity to use his communication skills in a variety of professional levels. Formerly a political appointee, Neil Dhillon understands the need to be clear, direct and honest with one’s audience, particularly in a position of prominence.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Below are some items from Neil Dhillon on how to break the ice in a new relationship through communication:

  • Be Clear: When making any form of contact with a currently unknown entity, clarity is generally always the best route, according to Neil Dhillon. The more precise and clear one is about who they are and where they’re coming from, the more likely they are to obtain a better result from their endeavors, according to Neil Dhillon.
  • Consistency: Neil Dhillon says that all relationships are susceptible to the pitfalls of changing circumstances and environments. Neil Dhillon says that when making a concerted effort to establish maintain a professional relationship, it’s important to be consistent in your intention, message, and deliverables.
  • Be Succinct: It’s important, says Neil Dhillon, to keep both written and verbal communication succinct, on subject and to the point.

Maintaining professional relationships can be a highly rewarding and enriching experience, concludes Neil Dhillon. The ability to cultivate and maintain relationships, whether in the workplace, at a conference or in a public speaking setting, can have amazing enhancement potential in a variety of professional careers. Neil Dhillon believes that communication can be a powerful tool, and is perhaps the most important aspect of relationship building and maintenance.


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