Chief Responsibilities

Neil Dhillon understands from first hand experience that there are two main components of the United States House of Representatives office, and the staff is delegated accordingly. While Neil Dhillon was the Chief of Staff to United States House of Representative’s member Bob Matsui, he learned first hand not only the types of things he was responsible for, but also got a strong sense of what other Chiefs of Staff were responsible for. The two areas can be roughly divided up into Constituent responsibilities, and the other could be broadly construed as policy work.

Policy Work is going to entail overseeing the work of the legislative director and other staff members as well as giving them direction. The chief of staff will often be involved in policy objectives operating plans and strategies for the house member. Often the Chief of staff will also fill the role of chief policy advisor.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

The constituent responsibilities normally mean overseeing the staff, which are stationed in the district, and making sure that constituents are having their needs met. The constituent outreach workers will be actually helping constituents, but the chief of staff oversees all staff including those in the district office.

Neil Dhillon also understands that a major part of the Chief of Staff role is managing everything. Managing the employees and interns, Managing the congress persons schedule, managing their agenda, helping with speech writing, and meeting constituents and others when the member is out. These are all just part of the many duties required of a Chief Of Staff on Capitol Hill.


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