Inspiring Indian Americans

Neil Dhillon was very excited to work in the Clinton White house. In an interview with “Purane Pappee” for the newsgroup, soc.culture.indian, he pointed out how important it was for him personally and how difficult the job would be:

  • “My job here (at the White House) is to create a congressional agenda which will help create jobs for this country, and help the infrastructure of this country too. That is no easy task as you can imagine. We have lots of hard work ahead of us. I am excited to work in the Clinton Administration.”
Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

He also how touched on how important it was for Indian-Americans. The interview was conducted the day after the White House kicked off Asian-American Heritage month. He said he was proud to be a part of that. He also noted that, at the time of the interview there were 33 Asian-American appointees and only three of them were of Indian descent.

He pointed out that he was proud so many Indian Americans had been successful in the fields of Medicine, Computers, Science and Technology but he believed that there it was important to the Indian-American community that they be port of “where all the important decisions are being made.” He continually encouraged young Indian-Americans to get involved and was well known as someone who was willing to help. He even wrote the forward for a young undergraduate who would go on to work as a faculty advisor for Oxford University in England, Riddhi Dasgupta.


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