Ruder Finn Managing Director

Neil Dhillon was the Managing director of Public Affairs for Ruder Finn. Ruder Finn has headquarters in New York City and Beijing and is widely recognized as one of the top public relations firms in the world. Ruder Finn maintains offices all over the world including one ion Washington DC. Neil Dhillon understands that Ruder Finn specializes in public relations and communications. Ruder Finn’s first client in 1948 was the singer Perry Como.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Since Perry Como signed on, Ruder Finn has had many clients, and they have all come seeking the same thing, help with their Public relations. Some come specifically seeking assistance with creating brand loyalty and corporate trust. Others come seeking help to get their product successfully to consumers; still others come to have Ruder Finn help their corporate brand connect with consumers.

Neil Dhillon operated the as the top public affairs counselor and lobbyist of Ruder Finn. In addition, he managed the Washington DC office. Much of what he did, revolved around helping the leaders of the client companies including providing strategic counsel to CEO’s and Board of directors. This took the form of helping them to understand and use crisis communications and corporate communications.

He was also instrumental in helping the Ruder Finn clients with securing interviews with some of the most important media in the country including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, CNN, Today Show, Good Morning America and more. These types of interviews were extremely important in helping to establish and re-establish the brand image of their clients.


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