Neil Dhillon: DOT

Neil Dhillon was proud to be a part of the United States Department of transportation because he knew that it allowed him the opportunity to work for one of the younger departments and it had such a broad agenda with a well defined mission. President Clinton appointed him to the position he saw it for the great opportunity it was.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Although as a student of political science and American Government it did not surprise Neil, it often surprises people how many of the vital agencies fall under the purview of the Department of Transportation. Two of the agencies that seem to stump people are:
The Maritime administration which not only takes care of the ports and shipping routes but also maintains the merchant marine vessels that can act as auxiliary military ships in case of national need.
Probably the most unrecognized agency, in the Department of Transportation is the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation. The SLSDC was formed in 1954 by statute. It was created to “construct, operate, and maintain the part of the St. Lawrence Seaway which is within the territorial limits of the United States.

Neil Dhillons was a proud member of the Department of Transportation and being an advisor to Bill Clinton was a great experience. While the Department of Transportation may not be the most talked about or discussed of the Federal Departments, it is composed of many of the agencies that keep the country safe and enables the great commerce between the United States and foreign powers.


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