Children Focused Legislation

Neil Dhillon was a part of some of the most meaningful legislation to pass through congress since the Great Society legislation of the 1960’s. Neil Dhillon worked for United States House of Representatives Robert Matsui of California as his Chief of Staff. As Chief of Staff, his responsibilities included advising the Representative and overseeing legislation that the Representative would introduce. When Representative Matsui drafted, in 1991, legislation the heart of child welfare reform it was a great day for American families. It was also a great day for Representative Matsui and his staff.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

The bill had some key features written to help children, most of which expanded the various social services available to help children. Some of the bills that came out of Representative Matsui’s Office, while Neil Dhillon was the Chief of Staff, which were important for children included; The Homeless Outreach act, Affordable Housing for Young Americans Act, Children and Families Service Act, Affordable Education for Americans Act, and the Children and Pregnant Women Insurance Act.

Bob Matsui, with Neil Dhillon as his Chief of Staff was also able to get the rest of congress to help him designate May 1991 as “National Foster Care Month” and he did so again in May of 1992. They understood that getting the designation was important for the public largely because it helped bring light on the issue.

Neil Dhillon knew that two of the first pieces of legislation Bob Matsui introduced in congress were concerned with helping children. Whether it was introducing legislation to help children or fighting for that legislation, Bob Matsui knew that his Chief of Staff, Neil Dhillon would be there to help him.


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