Leading PSC Program

He is a proud graduate of American University located in Washington DC. American University has one of the leading political science programs in the country. Neil Dhillon that being from Maryland American University offered him the chance to follow his educational goals at a great University while still being close to home.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

The American University Political Science department is located in the School of Public Affairs. He knows that The School of Public Affairs, because of its location and because it has been around for 80 years, American University Students have great access to some of the best professors as well as opportunities. The passion he developed at American University can still be seen in his writing such as this one.

One of the top Public Affairs programs in the world, American University, has produced some of the most influential people of the past 80 years. Numerous United States Elected Officials, Ambassadors from many Nations including multiple advisors to the United Nations Assembly in New York. The first female Assistant United States Secretary of States, Carol Laise, who also became the United States Ambassador to Nepal, was a graduate of American University.

As one of the most influential schools in the American political system, American University has played a huge part in training the world leaders including he. One of the approaches to offering great education as to offer many of the Masters Degree courses during the evening. This allows the many professionals in the DC area to work towards their Masters while working full time. Neil Dhillon understands how important that can be for many people. To be able to pursue an advanced degree while still working is a great service being offered.


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