Experienced at Politics

He has been working in American Politics for most of his adult life. He originally got his start working on Capitol Hill when he was 21 years old. Through the years, he has had many positions where he has worked largely behind the scenes helping elected officials in the Washington D.C. area.

One of the people that he worked for in D.C. was as the legislative director and speech writer for Congresswoman Beverly Byron of Maryland. At the time, she was the Chair of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel and Compensation. This was a great position, which taught Neil Dhillon a lot about defense and technology issues, and where he was able to build on his career on the “Hill.”

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon was next able to serve as the Chief of Staff to Congressman Bob Matsui of California. While there he was involved in many pieces of legislation, which were an extremely important part of making a difference for people in California. As chief of staff for congressman Matsui, he supervised Congressman Matsui’s operations in California and Washington. The chief of Staff for a congress person has many important responsibilities, which Neil Dhillon was able to perform very successfully.

He had a number of other important positions in D.C. before entering the private world of business. He was a fundraiser for the Democratic Party, he was a spokesman for the Democratic Party, and he was a Director of the 1993 presidential inaugural committee. He was so successful in each of these roles that he was very quickly brought in to be a part of the Presidential Staff under Bill Clinton.


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