Ruder Finn

He has worked for a number of very good companies since he left the White House where he was a senior aide to President Bill Clinton. One of the great Communications Agencies that Neil Dhillon has worked for since leaving the White House was Ruder Finn. Ruder Finn currently has locations in San Francisco, New York, Beijing, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, India, and Guangzhou.

While at Ruder Finn, he served as the Top public affairs counselor and lobbyist in his role as the Managing Director for the Washington D.C. Office. In his role with Ruder Finn, Neil Dhillon helped to secure top tier interviews with the media for his clients. Some of the interviews he secured were with some of the most influential media in the United States including the NBC Today Show, CBS’s 60 minutes, National Public Radio, the Washington Post, The New York Times, ABC’s Good Morning America, and CNN.

The other main function he had at Ruder Finn was to provide strategic counsel to client communications staff, CEO’s and Boards of Directors. He helped them understand and handle crisis communications and corporate communications as well as lobbying and public affairs. For a company like Ruder Finn that has a focus around many issues that touch these aspects of communications and lobbying, He was the right person to bring in and run the Washington D.C. office.

This experience at Ruder Finn was important to he because he recognized what a great opportunity it was to work for one of the top Communications agencies in the world. His time at Ruder Finn proved that Neil Dhillon could handle working in any field and succeed.


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