Communications Expert

Neil Dhillon worked at some of the top communications and business advisory firms in his time since he worked at the White House. Working for President Bill Clinton as a senior level advisor gave Neil Dhillon a lot of insight into what it takes to be a success. One of the companies he provided that experience to, was Financial Dynamics.

Financial Dynamics was a large firm with more than 450 employees in 17 locations around the world. They were one of the largest financial and business communications consultancies and provided a comprehensive range of boardroom solutions. FTI Consulting recently purchased Financial Dynamics in a very large acquisition.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon was the United States Director of Public Affairs for Financial Dynamics, and he was there to provide strategic communications to Financial Dynamics global clientele. Neil Dhillon was also responsible for identifying and retaining government focused firms in Asia and Africa. Neil Dhillon was also tasked with providing expert congressional testimony training to Senior Executives and Chief Executive Officers scheduled to appear before United States Senate and United States House committees.

Another of the main responsibilities for Neil Dhillon was to lead high level crisis communications media training. He did this for clients who were foreign dignitaries, Chief Executive Officers, Fortune 500 Senior Executives and for Nonprofit organization leaders. Neil Dhillon was able to successfully perform the duties of this position in a very successful way during the three years he was with Financial Dynamics as well as continuing to teach himself new skills.


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