His Interviewed

Neil Dhillon sat down for an interview with Time Magazine in 1993, and the interview was mostly a reflection on the previous couple of years and a look forward towards the future of Indian Americans in United States Politics. Some of the things he spoke of were somewhat prophetic in his recognition of what the future would hold for Indian Americans in American Politics.

He remembered that he was at an Asian American rally in 1992. The rally was held during the Democratic National Convention that year, which was being held in New York. He noted that there were more than a thousand people at the rally and Hillary Clinton attended the rally. While he was excited to see the event so thoroughly attended, he was also disappointed with how few the Indians Americans in attendance were.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

During the interview, Neil Dhillon recalled that at the time, President Bill Clinton has made 33 appointments of Asian Americans, and only three of those appointments were Indian Americans, and he was the highest ranking among them. In the interview, Neil Dhillon seemed to muse on the loss of time that Indian Americans had not been involved in the political office. Throughout the interview Neil, Dhillon continued that line of thinking and Neil Dhillon seemed to understand the importance of the Indian American community to get involved in the political process.

Throughout the interview as Neil Dhillon talks about the role if Indian Americans in Politics the future of Indian Americans in United States politics and hopes for more to be involved stresses the importance if that involvement. He was looking down the road by ten years. Now 20 years down the road, it is obvious that his desire for more Indian Americans to be in American Politics is being realized.


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