Lobbyists do Good

He is an expert lobbyist who has the experience and connections to be a great lobbyist. Being a lobbyist however is not what many people make it out to be. One of the main pieces of a lobbyist’s job is education. Lobbyists are responsible for having a very thorough understanding of their client’s positions and for educating elected officials and policy makers.

Neil Dhillon knows that elected officials and policy makers often are very knowledgeable in some fields. Often they are more knowledgeable then the public on a wide variety of issues. However, it would be impossible for an elected official or policy maker to be an expert on every subject that may come before them in the form of bills or referendums. That is where the most important role of lobbyists comes in, as educators.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Lobbyists help to educate policy maker and elected officials on subjects they may have no experience or knowledge of. This education is an important part of understanding legislation. Legislation can and does happen on a very wide variety of subjects and lobbyists often are responsible for teaching the congressperson about what the legislation is, and the background information. They, of course, will also hope to get the congressperson to vote in their clients favor.

Neil Dhillon knows that this role is very important and enjoys the challenge of learning a subject well so that he can teach the subject to members of congress. He knows that this a very valuable service, and he understands that lobbyists play an important role in legislation.

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