High Profile Positions

He has a large amount of experience as an executive in the field of Communication, Public Relations, and Public Affairs. His high profile positions In the United States Congress and being appointed by President Bill Clinton to a senior Advisory position really gave him a great start. From there he worked hard to work eventually for some of the most influential firms in the United States.

Neil Dhillon
Neil Dhillon

One of the Firms he worked for was Financial Dynamics where he was the United States Director of Public Affairs. As the United States Director of Public Affairs, Neil Dhillon was tasked with providing strategic Communications to the firm’s global clientele. He was responsible for identifying and retaining government focused firms in an effort to acquire or partner with them.

After three very successful years at Financial Dynamics, he began working for Ruder Finn. At Ruder Finn, he served as a managing Director and was the top public affairs counselor and lobbyist while he was also in charge of the very large Washington D.C. office. Much of what he did for Ruder Finn revolved around Managing the D.C. office, Securing interviews with top media outlets for clients, and providing strategic counsel to clients.

After leaving Ruder Finn, he was named as the Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Governmental Relations for the MSL Group. He managed the Washington D.C. Office and helped to turn it around. He also served as the top communications strategist, and lobbyist. At each of his positions, he was a great success story.


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