Neil Dhillon on Health Care, Environment and Energy, and Information Technology

Neil Dhillon is a public affairs and global communications professional whose work has graced the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies as well as the wings of the White House. A seasoned expert in communication, he has represented a number of key figures in business and politics while also securing deals and increasing trade both domestically and overseas. Below, he shares his views on technology, environment and our health, and how they are all connected in certain ways.

Information Technology

Ever since the creating of the Internet, the IT industry has boomed with an innumerable amount of new businesses that offer new software and IT products for private individuals and businesses. These very services have revolutionized the way that business is conducted across the globe, and has recently helped push green incentives and create jobs that can be done remotely while using less carbon emissions.

Environment and Energy

With the improved technologies of today, more people are conducting business remotely and therefore leaving a smaller carbon footprint than the everyday car commuters. Furthermore, new sources of hybrid and electric car technologies are also helping reduce the amount of emissions going into the air.

Health Care

With the recent rollout of health care reform, health care providers have become more competitive than ever. With thousands of people shopping online for health care every day, the brains of IT professionals are needed to help maintain a health care website’s traffic and search-ability. These experts are key in promoting any competitive business, and that doesn’t exclude healthcare websites.


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