Managing Public Policy

He has spent many years in Washington, DC, where he works at NA Consulting Services as a lobbyist and Global Public Affairs professional.

“I lead and manage public policy and advocacy programs,” he says, “while providing expert insight on the legislative process, regulatory reform and influencing policy leaders through public opinion.”

He attended The American University in Washington, DC, where he earned a degree in Political Science. He has gone on to serve in positions at the State and National levels. Beginning in 1988, Neil Dhillon was the Chief of Staff to former United States Congressman Robert Matsui, a position he held until 1993. The late Congressman valued Neil Dhillon for his advice and his dedication.

In 1993, he was named to a position in the Department of Transportation by then-President Bill Clinton. The President recognized he as a top political appointee in a White House ceremony.

He has learned much from his thirty years of experience in politics. After his years in the Clinton Administration, he served as the Director of Media and Public Affairs for the American Academy of Actuaries, a post he held until 1998, when he moved on the Hill & Knowlton, an international consulting firm. He was a Senior Vice President at Hill & Knowlton for six years, and with his guidance the firm was named “Agency of the Year” for six years in a row. He managed a large policy staff and directed daily outreach to the White House and the United States Congress.


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