Expert Political Analysis

Neil Dhillon saw the future in his crystal ball in the spring of last year: The Republicans would mount a comeback in the November midterms. Six months later, Dhillon’s prediction came true. The Republican Party won control of the US Senate and strengthened its majority in the House of Representatives. Republicans haven’t controlled both houses of Congress since 2006.

Neil DhillonDhillon says the signs were clear. Obama’s approval rating had slid to 37%, the lowest in his Presidency, and typically the party on the outside of the White House looking in sees a bump in support in the legislative branch. Of course, Dhillon’s predictions came true in November of last year. Many analysts have disagreed on what the Republicans will do with their newfound power. Some commentators predict they will try to repeal the Affordable Care Act if for no other reason than to gain political points for making some effort to fight Obamacare, so they can win reelection in 2016. The GOP doesn’t have the numbers in Congress to beat a Democratic filibuster; therefore their efforts would likely be only symbolic.

With thirty years of experience in national politics, Neil Dhillon has the expertise to predict elections months in advance. If he has seen the results of the 2016 election, he’s not talking. Dhillon currently works for NA Consulting as a Global Affairs Professional and has experience as a policy and developer, strategic communications writer, and lobbyist. Dhillon graduated from The American University in Washington, DC with a degree in Political Science.


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